How to Tame the Aether Dragon?

Minecraft, an open-world sandbox game, is home to numerous mythical creatures and creatures from different dimensions, including the Aether dragon. These majestic and mighty dragons inhabit the Aether dimension, providing players with a thrilling adventure.

This article aims to provide a detailed and comprehensive guide on how to successfully tame an Aether dragon and harness its power to your advantage in the world of Minecraft.

What is Aether Dimension?

The Aether dimension is a mystical and airy realm located high above the Overworld. To access this dimension, players require a portal crafted by using Glowstone, Gold Ingots, and Ambrosium Shards. Once the portal is ready, enter it to reach the Aether.

Preparing for the Journey

Before embarking on your quest to tame the Aether dragon, you need to be well-prepared. Ensure you have the following essentials:

Armor and Weapons:

Equip yourself with strong armor such as Diamond or Netherite armor, along with weapons like a Diamond Sword or Trident for protection against hostile mobs. The Aether dimension is not only home to the Aether dragon but also contains many other hostile creatures that you may encounter while exploring.

Healing and Sustenance:

Carry ample food to restore health quickly during intense battles. It is recommended to bring Golden Apples or Enchanted Golden Apples as they provide enhanced health regeneration. These healing items are crucial for survival in the face of powerful mobs and the Aether dragon itself.

Elytra and Firework Rockets:

Obtained by defeating the Ender Dragon in the Overworld, Elytra allows you to fly in the Aether dimension. Firework Rockets enhance your flight abilities, allowing you to gain altitude and maneuver quickly in the expansive skies of the Aether. Ensure that you have enough rockets to sustain your flight.

Building Materials:

Pack a variety of building blocks to create shelter, bridges, or any structures required during your exploration. The Aether dimension consists of floating islands and dangerous terrain. Having the ability to construct safe havens or pathways will greatly aid your survival and mobility.

Exploring the Aether Dimension

Once you have gathered the necessary supplies, it’s time to delve into the Aether mod‘s dimension and locate an Aether dragon. Follow these steps:

Flight and Navigation:

Activate your Elytra and use Firework Rockets to boost yourself into the sky. Make sure to fly high enough to spot any floating islands or Aether dragon nests. The Aether dimension is vast, and your ability to navigate the skies effectively will allow you to cover more ground and increase your chances of encountering an Aether dragon.

Dragon Nest Identification:

Aether dragon nests can be identified by their distinctive design, which appears like an intricate giant tree made of golden Aether blocks. These nests contain Aether dragon eggs. However, keep in mind that not all nests will necessarily have a dragon present.

Therefore, be on the lookout for signs of dragon activity such as dragon roars or fire-breathing, indicating their presence nearby.

Collect Ambrosium:

Ambrosium is a vital resource for taming Aether dragons, and it can be found growing on Aether trees. Ambrosium resembles a glowing plant-like substance and emits a soft light.

Collect as much Ambrosium as possible, as it will be used for crafting Aether Dragon Treats, which are essential for gaining the trust of the Aether dragon.

Locating the Aether Dragon:

Aether dragons usually guard their nests and may not be immediately visible. As you explore the Aether dimension, listen for dragon roars and observe for fire-breathing in the vicinity. These signs indicate a nearby Aether dragon. Approach the area carefully and be prepared for a battle as you try to tame the dragon and earn its trust.

Taming the Aether Dragon

To tame an Aether dragon, follow these steps:

Building Trust:

Aether dragons possess a strong sense of loyalty and only align themselves with worthy adventurers. Begin by placating the dragon with Aether Dragon Treats, crafted using Ambrosium, Glowstone Dust, and Golden Apples.

Feed these treats to the dragon while showing non-threatening behavior. Approach slowly and crouch before offering the treat to avoid any aggression from the dragon.

Establishing a Connection:

Spend time near the Aether dragon, observing its habits and interacting gently. Over time, the dragon will grow accustomed to your presence and accept you as its rider.

Approach the dragon with caution, avoiding sudden movements or loud noises that may startle it. Speak softly and keep a respectful distance initially, gradually closing the gap as the dragon becomes more familiar with your presence.

Equipping the Saddle:

Once the Aether dragon trusts you, craft a Dragon Saddle using Leather and place it on the dragon. The saddle allows you to safely ride and control the majestic creature.

Carefully maneuver behind the dragon and interact with it while holding the saddle in your hand to equip it. Once equipped, right-click on the dragon to mount it and begin your adventures together.

Harnessing the Power of the Aether Dragon

Now that you have tamed the Aether dragon, you can utilize its unique powers:

Aerial Mobility:

Mount your dragon, take flight, and soar through the Aether dimension with unparalleled speed and ease. Explore previously unreachable heights and remote locations, maneuvering effortlessly through the vast expanse of the Aether dimension.

Battle Companion:

Aether dragons possess incredible strength and special abilities such as fire-breathing. They can be formidable allies in encounters with other hostile mobs or while exploring dangerous areas. Command your dragon strategically during battles to maximize its potential and your chances of success.

Aether Dragon’s Breath:

The Aether Dragon’s breath has magical properties that can be harnessed. Collect the dragon’s breath using empty bottles and use it for brewing special Aether potions, granting temporary abilities like enhanced jump or invisibility. These potions can greatly aid you in various aspects of the game, from combat to exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can multiple players ride the same Aether Dragon?

No, only one player can ride an Aether dragon at a time. However, Aether dragons can be bred, and the offspring can be tamed and ridden by other players.

Can Aether dragons be killed?

Yes, Aether dragons can be killed, but it is a difficult task due to their immense strength and special abilities. It’s not recommended to engage in battle with an Aether dragon unless you’re well-equipped with powerful weapons and armor.

Do Aether Dragon Treats work on all Aether Dragons?

Yes, Aether Dragon Treats work on all Aether dragons and are the primary means of gaining their trust. However, different dragons may require varying amounts of treats before they become tamed.

How do I know if my Aether Dragon is injured?

An injured Aether dragon will emit smoke and could lose altitude and speed. The color of the smoke will depend on the severity of the injury, with darker smoke indicating more serious injuries. You can heal your Aether dragon by feeding it Golden Apples or Enchanted Golden Apples.

Can Aether dragons travel to the Overworld?

No, Aether dragons cannot travel to the Overworld as they are bound to the Aether dimension. However, once you’ve tamed an Aether dragon, you can use it to explore the vast Aether realm and discover new islands, structures, and features.


Taming an Aether dragon in Minecraft brings a unique sense of adventure and power to your gameplay. By following this comprehensive guide, you will be well-prepared to explore the Aether dimension, locate an Aether dragon, and successfully tame it.

Harness the dragon’s mighty abilities and embark on epic journeys through the Aether realm, all while experiencing the thrill of having an awe-inspiring companion by your side.

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