How to Tame a Moa in Minecraft Aether?

Did you know that Moas in Minecraft Aether Mod can be tamed and become your trusty companions? Imagine the possibilities of having a loyal transport companion to explore the vast landscapes of the Aether dimension.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of taming a Moa and provide helpful tips and strategies for a successful experience.

Moas are majestic bird-like creatures that inhabit the Aether dimension in Minecraft. They are peaceful and can be found roaming the skies, offering players an opportunity for a unique and fascinating companion.

Taming a Moa allows players to ride them and benefit from their abilities such as increased movement speed and the ability to glide through the air.

Understanding Moas

Moas are bird-like creatures with vibrant, feathered bodies and long necks that allow them to gracefully glide through the sky. They come in different colors and sizes, each with its own unique characteristics. Understanding their appearance, behavior, and habitats will help players in their efforts to tame them effectively.

Benefits of taming a Moa: Taming a Moa in Minecraft Aether brings several advantages to players. Firstly, Moas act as loyal companions, providing a sense of companionship and adventure.

Additionally, Moas can be ridden, allowing players to cover long distances quickly and efficiently. The ability to glide through the air adds a whole new level of exploration and mobility within the Aether dimension.

Preparations for Moa Taming

Preparing for Moa taming is an essential step towards success in Minecraft Aether. The following are key preparations for any player looking to undertake the taming process:

Gathering resources

Before setting out to tame a Moa, players must gather the necessary resources. These include Aechor Petals, Apples, and Ambrosium Shards. The Aechor Petals are crucial as they are the primary food source for Moas.

Apples are also crucial in attracting Moas towards the player as they are known to be attracted to apples. And finally, Ambrosium Shards, are used in building various items required for Moa taming and other necessities in the game.

Location scouting

Locating Moas can be tricky as they have a unique habitat. With an abundance of Aether grass and flowers, Moas can often be found in these regions. The presence of Aether trees also increases the likelihood of finding Moas, as they often perch on its branches.

Recommended player level

To ensure a successful Moa taming experience, players are advised to reach a minimum level of expertise in the game.

This should include familiarity with Aether’s unique gameplay mechanics, the crafting process required to make items needed in Moa taming, and combat skills to protect oneself against the various dangers that lurk in the Aether dimension.

Additionally, players should have strong knowledge and experience in navigating the Aether dimension, as it is vast and requires some direction sense to find one’s way around.

Step-by-Step Guide to Taming a Moa

Taming a Moa in Minecraft Aether requires a patient and strategic approach. Follow these step-by-step instructions to increase your chances of successfully taming a Moa:

Step 1: Finding a Moa

To begin the taming process, you first need to locate a Moa. Moas can be found in specific habitats within the Aether dimension. Look for areas with Aether grass, Aether trees, and an abundance of flowers, as Moas are often found in these regions.

Tracking Moas can be done by looking for Moa footprints on the ground. These footprints resemble large bird tracks and can be easily spotted on Aether grass blocks. Following these footprints will lead you to Moas. Additionally, Moas emit a unique sound similar to chirping, which can help you locate them by sound alone.

Step 2: Building Trust

Building trust with a Moa is crucial for a successful taming process. Moas are naturally wary creatures, so it’s important to approach them cautiously and with patience.

Begin by offering Aechor Petals as a gesture of goodwill. Moas are attracted to and nourished by these petals. Slowly approach the Moa while holding the petals and aim to drop them nearby. Avoid sudden movements that might scare the Moa away.

Once the Moa has consumed the Aechor Petals, observe its response. If the Moa appears calm and unafraid, it indicates that trust is being established. Continue this process of offering Aechor Petals and observing the Moa’s reaction, gradually getting closer each time.

Step 3: Bonding and Taming

After building initial trust, the next step is to establish a bond with the Moa. Continuously offer Aechor Petals while gently and slowly petting the Moa. Patience and persistence are key in this step, as it may take multiple attempts before the Moa becomes comfortable with your presence.

As the bond strengthens, you can try riding on the Moa’s back. Approach the Moa slowly and gently climb onto its back. Initially, the Moa may resist or be uneasy, so it’s important to remain calm and patient. Work on establishing a rhythm with the Moa by slowly guiding its movements.

Step 4: Riding and Controlling the Moa

Once the Moa is tamed and comfortable with your presence, you can start riding and controlling its movements.

To mount the Moa, approach it from the side and right-click on its back. You will then be seated on the Moa, ready to take flight. To dismount, simply right-click again.

To navigate the Moa’s abilities effectively, players can control their movements by using directional keys or controlling mouse movements. Experiment with these controls to achieve optimal gliding and flying experiences. Remember to be gentle and avoid sudden movements to maintain the Moa’s trust and cooperation.

Advanced Tips and Strategies

A. Moa Armor: To further enhance the abilities of a tamed Moa, players can craft Moa armor. This armor provides additional protection and abilities for the Moa, making it an even more valuable ally in the game.

B. Breeding Moas: Players can expand their Moa collection and obtain unique colors or traits by breeding Moas. This section will explain the process and possibilities of breeding Moas in Minecraft Aether.

C. Moa Care and Maintenance: Proper care and maintenance of tamed Moas are crucial for their well-being. In this section, players will find tips and advice on feeding, healing, and general care for their Moas to ensure their longevity and continued loyalty.


Throughout this comprehensive guide, we have explored the process of taming Moas in Minecraft Aether step-by-step. From preparations to building trust, bonding, and controlling the Moa, players now have the knowledge and techniques to embark on their Moa taming journey.

Taming a Moa in Minecraft Aether brings a whole new level of adventure and companionship to the game. Embrace the challenge, be patient, and enjoy the unique experience of exploring the skies with your loyal Moa companion.

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